10 Ways To Naturally Detoxify Your Body

Turns out, there *is* such thing as a ‘healthy detox’; (no fad retreats or spas involved). Detoxing your body is an excellent pre-ritual to starting a new workout regimen, dieting, or simply working on a more positive attitude. Check out these 10 detox methods you can do in your home at UC Davis housing and in the immediate area.

These easy ways to recuperate will help you feel healthier than ever.

1. Cut Your Sugar Intake

One way to do a healthy detox? Simply start by decreasing the amount of sugar you consume. (And that includes honey, molasses, and artificial sweeteners.) When you *really* just have to have something sweet? Instead of routinely reaching for a doughnut, cookie, or cupcake, swap in a healthier alternative, says Rachel Beller, R.D., founder of the Beller Nutrition. “Recent research suggests that just a small amount of dark chocolate (with at least 70 percent cocoa content) helps curb both our sweet and salty cravings.” Another option is to grab a piece of fruit; the natural sugars will nip the need for sweetness and curb your craving, says, Daphne Miller, M.D., family physician and clinical professor at the University of California San Francisco.

Dr. Miller recommends adding cinnamon instead of sugar to foods, as it helps to control blood sugar while simultaneously satisfying a sweet tooth. Try sprinkling it on oatmeal or plain yogurt, or add a dash to your coffee.