3-Year-Old ‘Patriot’ Sings His Heart Out To National Anthem At Football Game

The saying goes ‘sing like you mean it’, and this little boy certainly means it! At the preseason football game between the Patriots and the Eagles, a 3-year-old boy put everyone to shame when he belted out the national anthem with a passion far beyond his years.

The crowd fell silent to listen to Boston police officer, Kim Tavares, sing the national anthem, but it was another voice that rang through the crowds. 3-year-old Garrett Spence couldn’t contain himself as ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ began. He felt the need to sing along too.


With his booming voice, he even managed to drown out the sound of Kim Tavares in the background. (Who is doing a beautiful job, I might add!) The tiny Patriot fan held his hand firmly over his chest and sang his little heart out. Everyone nearby could hear him singing loud and proud and loved his patriotic performance.

It didn’t take long before the little boy’s singing went viral, and Kim Tavares found out about her surprise singing partner.


Tavares is no stranger to becoming famous due to a viral video – her rendition of ‘God Bless America‘ went viral not too long ago. The Boston police officer sang alongside her partner Officer Stephen McNulty, for a ‘cop-pool’ karaoke session. The viral video has shot her to semi-stardom.

As it turns out, little Garrett’s parents are both Boston police officers. So I’m sure he has heard ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ plenty of times in his three years on earth.


This is why I sing. Check out my new lil partner ‘G.’ His mom and dad are friends of mine. Both are police officers. Didn’t know they were at the game. – Kim Tavares

Support has flooded in for Garrett’s parents, praising them for raising such a patriotic little boy. People believe that they represent what makes America strong – respect for the country and flag, and the willingness to serve and protect.

Watch Garrett sing his heart out in the video below.