8 Signs Your Dog Is In Pain And Need Of Medical Attention

As a dog owner, it’s important that your dog remains healthy and happy during its lifetime. In order to keep dogs healthy, they should have an annual veterinary examination to evaluate their overall health. However, you should also watch for signs that your dog has a potential medical issue that requires more advanced veterinary care.

Because dogs have shorter lifespans than humans, they age more rapidly and can quickly experience health issues that require medical care. Your careful observation and immediate attention to small signs of trouble mean these small medical issues can be addressed before they become bigger health problems.

1. Your dog won’t eat


If your dog who used to scarf up his every meal and beg for more suddenly won’t eat, this could be a sign of illness. A change in appetite could mean a number of things for a dog. If your dog has suddenly been turning down meals and treats for a few days, you need to get them checked out.